Duality Launch at Polecats Manila!

Finally! Duds and I have a baby! We launched Duality at our home studio, Polecats Manila last Friday, April 22!  

For several weeks leading up to Duality, we've worked on putting together unique combinations as well as old favorites we've used in competitions and performances. We've been partners 2 years now, and most of the stuff we do, we discovered by experimenting and playing around with both our strengths and limitations. Acro is my absolute favorite. With nothing else but your body, creating shapes and flow can get pretty challenging. I find it so empowering to be able to lift another person off the floor. Not by using brute force, but by finding grace in strength which is the real beauty of it all. It's also a good exercise of trust. Once you fly, you're really surrendering everything to your base. Being able to give strength and receive strength from your partner, which in turn results to beautiful movement, is what I am most in love with.

Teaching creates a different kind of energy. We're used to doing all of these things together, but being able to share it with a crowd was really a treat. 

So grateful for the support that we've received during our launch. A big thank you goes out to our sponsors! Polecats Manila for hosting us. James Oliver for capturing the action that day. Mana Bites for the post workout treats (These guys are really my new favorite snack grocer). VitaCoco for keeping us hydrated during the entire event! And to my adidas family for my workshop outfit. Climachill sports bras are the bomb! 

Of course, a great big thank you to all the attendees. Students both new and old who registered, and spent the most exciting 2 hours with us. I hope that you've discovered something new about your body. Partner photos will never be the same again. ;) 

If you wish to book us for workshops at your studio, please contact 0917 701 7653 or email us at kayleen@polecatsmanila.com