More than anything, I am first an instructor. I am in love with teaching, and I would be more than delighted to visit your studio, and share my experience with you. Here is the current list workshops I run. For rates, bookings, or if you had anything else in mind, send me an email at I look forward to train with you!

I currently teach classes at Polecats Manila. Book a class here

Photo by Wilson Wu - Shanghai

Photo by Wilson Wu - Shanghai


Duality : Partner Acro Workshop

Alone we each accomplish so much. Together, we can build to be come even stronger. Explore the possibilities of exercising in pairs.

Co-created the Duality series with my aerial and pole partner, Duds Ignacio. In this class, students are expected to learn duo workout techniques, as well as fundamentals required to lift one's partner off the floor. This class is also an exploration of trust and collaboration, as pairs will be challenged to try new moves based on their individual strengths put together. 

The level of the workshop can range from beginner to advanced depending on the requirement of the studio. 

Photo by Merv Kwok - Singapore

Photo by Merv Kwok - Singapore

Duality : On Pole

Take your pole practice to the next level through this workshop. Designed for the more experienced pole athletes. Learn partner tricks, spins, and combinations that flow together to form a fluid routine. 

A performance based class that will focus on teamwork, body awareness, and the visual aesthetic of doubles pole. 

polecats instructor qualification program : Pole

The program is a 40 hour intensive instructor course designed by Polecats Manila to provide the highest quality of pole instruction to future teachers in the sport. It includes basic anatomy, flexibility, class sequencing and structure, injury prevention and much more. Each participant will be receiving a training manual, and will be taught by a Polecats senior instructor.

The schedule of the program will depend on the availability of the host studio. 

Photo by Wilson Wu - Shanghai

Photo by Wilson Wu - Shanghai

Photo by Merv Kwok - Singapore

Photo by Merv Kwok - Singapore

Sky yoga

Bring this unique Bali based program to your studio. Sky Yoga uses an aerial hammock, flowing though a dynamic sequence of poses, moving with the breath. A class designed for both strength and flexibility, with the overall goal of achieving balance in the body. 

This acrobatic form of yoga is suitable for all levels regardless of experience. 

aerial silks

Bring your workout up in the air with this Aerial Silks workshop. Students will learn the foundations of aerial silks, starting with simple standing and seated moves, and basic inverts. For more advanced classes, learn drops, weaves, and spin combinations on the fabric.

Studios who wish to host this workshop should coordinate height and rigging requirements via email. 

Photo by Wilson Wu - Shanghai

Photo by Wilson Wu - Shanghai

Private classes

Learn at your own pace, new tricks and combos specifically for your level and skill set. If you have specific training goals, are preparing for a competition, or just passing through, this class would work best for you. 

This session can be done at the Polecats Manila studio, or at your own space. Packages available for this class. 


Movement and mobility

In movement there is freedom. Movement is when we are most alive. 

Inspired by the diversity of movement artists and creators, this class brings flow back to the ground. Primal movement is the core of this class, reconnecting to how our bodies naturally move. We'll be practicing rolls, crawls, and a lot of rotations.

This class is suitable for all levels.

INdoor Cycling

One of the latest fitness crazes taking the region by storm is indoor cycling. Add a bolt of energy to your line up by having a guest instructor with years of performance experience.  Kayleen has been invited to teach in studios all over Asia including Sync Cycle in Singapore, Movem in Shanghai, FlyCycle in Malaysia, and Ride Revolution in Manila. 


had Something else in mind?

Drop me an email at Let me know what you need, and let's collaborate! It's a brave new world out there. Let me teach you how to fly.