Working out in Perfect Form

Sportswear is life! Here's a great brand for those bellas on a budget. It's not as pricey as the big brands, but it does the trick pretty well. Comfortable sportswear with medium to light support for active girls like you and me. Plus, it's made here in the Philippines!   

They produce a wide array of products from sports bras, tops, to leggings. As an aerialist I find it difficult to find good gear for hoop and silks in this country. Because usually the material used is too slippery, so I gave their brand a go and tested it out on the silks. The verdict: Aerial Approved. Both for hoop and silks! YEY! For 900PHP you can score yourself a good pair of cutoffs suitable for any type of workout. If it's good for silks, it's good for everything else!   

As for the sports bras, the back designs are their biggest plus. If you engage in sports that involve a lot of movement, the Energize Sports Bra is your best bet. It provides good support and doesn't ride up while in action. My personal color choices are the aqua and orange ones. Perfect tones for the morena skinned like me. 

Check out their website to view the full selection:

We also launched an Instagram campaign together. I asked my Instagram followers to answer the question: How do you keep yourself in perfect form? So happy with the turnout! It was a delight reading all the inspiring stories from all the submissions we've received. You can follow the discussion by checking out the hashtag #kayleenxperfectform on Instagram. 

Photographed by Petra Gana.