Happy New Year!

I’m all about the daring life. But this year was different. It was not just about being daring. But instead, chasing life with relentless force at a constant. Not just for the big things, but EVERY. SINGLE. THING. Not to prove anything, and not for anyone. But for the sake of making each moment count. Like you’ll never get to experience it again. Taught in different countries, said YES to everything. Embraced mania, and lived the year with zero chill.

Most times scary, sometimes exhausting, but always worth it. Along with that, this year was also about being brave to leave things that do not matter. Coming home to the ones that do, and protecting it like my life was on the line.

It was a year of creating, of speaking truths, and unimaginable growth. A year of love, a year of teaching and mentoring others, a year of making people strong.

Most importantly, reaffirming a truth that has been there all along — Fitness is no longer an end goal for me. It is a by-product of movement. To move is to breathe. Everything else is secondary.

What’s your big lesson for the year? 💛💛💛