Creamsilk Power Class Series

Kicking off my Manila run mighty and strong, with CreamSilk Philippines!


All roads lead to Stellar! I'm back teaching regular classes at Polecats Manila for the whole summer. As we all get ready for Stellar Across The Universe. It's going to be a Beatle showcase as we fly to their songs and make them come alive on stage. I AM SO EXCITED YOU HAVE NO IDEA! Make sure to visit for the full schedule. Come take my class!

I just came back from a teaching stint in Singapore at Sync Cycle and now I am in Manila and I will be here for a while teaching throughout the summer, so for this whole run, I've partnered up with some of the best brands that celebrate strength, and the femininity to bring together a series of classes that celebrate what we can do with our bodies. First up is in partnership with Creamsilk Philippines. If you haven't seen it yet, your MightyFit girl starred in their latest digital campaign for the #HeadOnHairStrong launch of Creamsilk. One of my dream brands to work with, so naturally I was over the moon to work with them. Check out the video below.


Hosted by Polecats Manila, we packed the studio with 20 strong women and men, for an aerial silks class that pushed our limits and our personal records. I for one have never taught an aerial silks class with this many students. So it was definitely one for the books. I was so happy to see so many first timers who walked in, trying out the class for the first time, and learning how powerful their bodies are. To be in front, and lead them to discover this will always be the greatest reward of being a teacher. There's really nothing in the world that compares to it. 

Another interesting first is that we ran the class with our hair down. If you are an aerialist, you would definitely know what an absolute challenge this is. 

Sharing with you some of the photos taken by my official photographer that day Hub Pacheco.

Again, thank you so much for taking class with me. I am loving all your posts and I am grateful for the opportunity to share movement with you. Keep watching this space for announcements for the next class Power I'll be hosting. 

'Til we fly again.