Photographer Spotlight : Merv Kwok Singapore

After several back and forth messages that started from earlier this year, our schedules finally aligned for us to work together. In this post I'll be featuring the work of talented Singapore based photographer Merv Kwok.


Initially, this shoot was intended to be for an outdoor aerial silks set up. However, the weather did not cooperate that day, and did not permit us to push through as planned. Good thing Merv knew of this gem of a location, which according to him, has been a well kept secret for quite sometime. Until one writer featured one of his photos in an online article, and revealed the geotag. Secret is out. 


It's hard to believe that this was shot under a bridge, whose location I will no longer post in efforts to keep his secret from spreading even more. We rigged the silks on a fence, which on the other side according to him, has had many encounters with trespassers, who jump over the fence all for the efforts of getting the perfect shot. Singapore is filled with hidden gems like this, and some of them have serious jail time looming over the picturesque locations. Worth the risk for most artists, since it doesn't seem to stop them from breaking the rules. Mind you, we're talking about Singapore here. The rules are no joke in this part of the world. 


It was also during this shoot that I learned that it was quite difficult to balance on gravel barefoot. Not sure if it was because my foot hurt, or maybe because of the uneven surface. I've never encountered this problem before. So for all the barefoot shots, you'll see me standing on a small piece of wooden board. A piece Merv found littered on the pavement. If you look closely, you'll see it. 


Working with Merv was such a fun experience. He told many stories about the flourishing dance photography community in Singapore, where everyone sort of just works together to keep creating content. Matching each style of shooting with a dancer that moves in the same aesthetic. An unspoken check and balance exists between dancers and photographers keeping the community a safe space to create. Everyone practically knows each other. May it be that they've worked together in the past, or like us have followed each other on Instagram. 


We were at the verge of backing out due to a thunderstorm. Good thing we decided to push through. Loving all the photos from this set. An outdoor aerial silks shoot might have to wait. But a part of me feels that we might have created something much better than what we've actually envisioned. You see, the universe always has a way of correcting things in the end. 


All photos in this set were photographed by Merv Kwok in Singapore. Leggings, top, and shoes from adidas ph. ///