WATCH : GameplanTV Feature on Pole Dancing

The reason why pole is such an enduring sport despite all it's perceived stereotypes, is because of its power to transform. It changes the way you see yourself, and how you see your body. It has the ability to change even the most persistent of limitations. It is daring, and it is fearless. I've tried many types of workouts, but this is the one thing I can say that is exclusively from pole. This video right here captures everything that it's about. Watch, and maybe one day come experience it for yourself.  

Big thanks to Gameplan TV for telling my story so wondefully. Mighty proud of these two girls Katz, and Trixie who came to the studio with open hearts. 

Lastly, I want all of you to take notice of what all of our bodies in the video have in common. The answer -- NOTHING. Pole is an equalizing sport. It requires no particular shape, or size, or even weight to start flying. I want you to take to heart what I said in this video. It's time we celebrate what we are born with. To take that source of body insecurity you've carried with you all your life, and turn it into a source of strength. Your body is powerful, and it is beautiful. Thick thighs and all. 



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