3 Days To Go Before My First Race Ever

A quick recap to those who might have missed it. I'll be doing my first real race ever in my life this month! YAY! I'll be doing it together with Game Plan TV, at the CWC Complex at Camarines Sur this November 17, 2017.

I'm both nervous and excited for this one, since I really don't know what to expect. The best thing about it though is that I'm not going to do it alone. The race is an 11 km obstacle course set to be accomplished by teams of three. You work together, and help each other get to that finish line. It's not just about your own strength, but how much you can contribute to make it work for all of you. There's just something about teams that makes challenges conquerable. Plus, like I've always mentioned in my previous posts, creating with a partner is my favorite process in the world. Training for yourself is fun, but when you train to add value to the collective win of the group, it creates a whole dimension to the question of why you train.  


With that, sharing where I am in my training for the race! I've been squeezing in training sessions in between shoots, teaching classes, and other events. Basically I've been doing in pocket sessions at every chance I get. Mostly body weight exercises to improve my strength, coupled with indoor cycling to build endurance. Full disclosure for the purpose of this blog! I wish that I could train to run more, and I wish I knew how to swim. They say that there's an obstacle that involves water, and the truth is that I cannot swim. So this is what I'm most nervous about. I have no plans of leaving this mortal world just yet. So, I'll just have to rope my way through this obstacle across the lake, I made sure to add extra pull work in my training to make sure that I get through this in one piece (seriously, after this I'm taking swim lessons). I've been denying it for so long now, but the truth is that I DO have triathlete dreams. So, at some point I better start putting all the parts together to make this dream happen. When that is, only time will tell. 

To get a better idea of what I'm currently doing. Here it is! Feel free to try this workout, and don't forget to tag me on Instagram or on Facebook if you've found this useful. 

100 Full Push Ups
100 Tricep Dips
100 TRX Rows (if I'm at home)
100 Circus Climbs (if I'm at the studio)
100 KB Swings
10k On the Bike

I've got full support from my adidas ph family with me on this race as well. This would be the perfect time to test out the UltraBoost X All Terrain. Finally got my pair a few days back, and I'm excited to break them in. Another thing to note is that Katz Salao is also doing this race with me. We're not teammates, but I'm just happy she's there. I super love her, so that's another something that makes me excited to do this race.  

So, those are my updates as of today! Setting a goal to finish the race safely and without injury! If I accomplish that, I'd be happy for me and my team. Throwing it all to the universe that has placed me here. May our energies power us through.