Life Update : Life in Singapore


It has been a week since I landed here in Singapore, and I have been having the best time getting to know the studio and the people that clip on those bikes everyday to take my class. It is not my first time to visit this city, in fact I am here quite often due to other projects. But this is the longest stay that I'll be making, and also the first time to travel alone in this country. 

Just checking in with you guys to post a quick life update. For this trip, I thought I'd spend more time blogging than making videos. It's just what feels right at the moment. Compared to my last trip to Beijing which gave birth to my YouTube channel. If you haven't checked that out yet, link is here : Kayleen Ortiz | YouTube While you're at it! Hit subscribe if you haven't yet and let me know what you think! I still owe you A LOT of updates from Hawaii which will be up on this space soon enough. BUT for now! I shall be writing about Singapore, and all my adventures here. Because it's always nice to live in the moment. :)

SO! As I've mentioned in my previous post, I'm currently hosted by an Indoor Cycling Studio called Sync Cycle. They're a nice little studio near the Serangoon area. If you want to book a bike, you may check them out here! It's always a unique experience teaching in a different studio. I've been doing these residencies for a while, I can say that not one studio is the same, even if you're brought in for the same thing. The people, the vibe, and the general energy is always different. Lucky for me, so far it has always been good. One of the most interesting things that I noticed here at Sync Cycle is that the more intense riders are the ones that show up for the morning classes. Something completely unique I must say. I have never been to any other studio where the morning mommies are the wild ones. It's the best! Haha! I love them. As for music, I'll be playing a lot of currents, but I'm happy to be running some throwbacks for this run. YASSSS. 

I ride the bus everyday. Going to the studio from where I'm staying takes 2 bus rides. I take the 811 to the interchange, and then switch to the 103 which takes me all the way to the studio. The trip takes around 45 to 50 minutes. A very long one according to Singaporean standards. But as for this Manila girl, I am having the time of my life with this traffic. Come to Manila and you'll see what I mean. I've been walking a lot. Something that I've come to love. (If you've met me during my phase when I hated walking, yeah, this is real life now. Turns out I like to walk.) It's just easier, and also good for the environment in terms of lessening your carbon footprint. They have some of those bike share rides here, but it hasn't quite picked up yet, unlike Shanghai and Beijing. So walking is still the best option if you're going someplace near.

I've also managed to squeeze in my first shoot for this trip in Singapore. I've met some of the best collaborators here in this city. So I always make sure to have time to meet new creatives when I'm here. Not all the photos have been released yet, but I've posted a couple on my Instagram feed. I'll make sure to post them here once released. It's been a while since my last bike shoot. Usually, people like to shoot the aerial stuff, so this was a nice breather for me. Special shout out to my photographer Isaac! Thank you for your time! 

My favorite thing to eat here is the traditional Singaporean breakfast of soft boiled eggs and kaya toast. I'm a simple girl with simple taste buds, really. I could eat this all my life if I had to. There's a coffee shop that serves this, so I'm pretty sure that I'll be having it every single day that I'm here. What's funny tho is that it turns out, I don't know how to crack an egg properly. There was this one time I was about to have breakfast, an auntie stopped me mid-crack, grabbed my plate, and proceeded to crack the eggs speaking in what I would assume was Chinese. She was probably schooling me, I wish I understood what she was saying. Shortly after, she was joined by 2 other aunties. By the time I finished eating, I had 3 old ladies hovering making sure I did it right. Highlight of the week by far. I see them everyday, and when I do it right they give me their look of approval. 

Entering the second week of my stay and I am excited for more adventures. Both the grand and the mundane. I'll be right here in this space, so keep me company okay? :)