Answering The Question : How Do I Train After Being On Break For So Long?

I never have a big comeback story. It’s because I never really have been in a situation where I had to leave training. You can say that in many ways, it is the one thing I am afraid of. So to approach the question of: “How do I get back to training?” let’s talk about FEAR. What if I come back without a deadlift? What if I can’t do a hundred circus climbs anymore? What if I’m scared of high silks drops again? It makes me think, why am I so scared of it? After much thought, and in an effort to find an answer, I realise 2 things:

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Creamsilk Power Class Series

I just came back from a teaching stint in Singapore at Sync Cycle and now I am in Manila and I will be here for a while teaching throughout the summer, so for this whole run, I've partnered up with some of the best brands that celebrate strength, and the femininity to bring together a series of classes that celebrate what we can do with our bodies. First up is in partnership with Creamsilk Philippines.

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Explore the Forbidden City with Me!

Yes! Still going strong with the China posts! I had so much fun in this city, and was really amazed with how rich their history is. It is mind-blowing to see these structures that have been built way before modern technology existed. Being such a sucker for historical facts, and pretty places I figured I'd share it with all of you. 

So here is yet another Beijing adventure! Come and explore the Forbidden City with me :)

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