Mana from the Sky Straight to your Table

Since I workout A LOT, food is literally fuel for me. It's half of what makes all of this seemingly endless energy possible. Through constant trial and error, I've learned that not all snacks are created equal. A bad food choice can easily throw off a good workout session. I'm always happy to stumble upon clean treats to sustain this lifestyle I carry everyday. Recently, I discovered this food gem that does the trick! This honest to goodness, all natural, eco friendly treat grocery is a fit girl's mana from the sky. 

Photo by @manabites

Mana Bites is the brain child of graphic designer, radio jock and all around fitness nut, Chrissie Torres. When she's not out working out with her girls, she spends her time in the kitchen cooking up these delicious power balls of curated goodness. She makes everything on the menu by hand, using all natural best quality ingredients. Staying true to her fit lifestyle, she believes that fitness should be holistic and sustainable. Not just for our bodies but for the environment as well. Aside from being all natural on the inside, all Mana Bite products are dressed in eco friendly packaging, using the least amount of plastic material as possible. 

Believe me when I say that this ball of awesome is as yummy as it looks. 

Believe me when I say that this ball of awesome is as yummy as it looks. 

She shares her story of how all of this came to be: 

"Health is not just about changing one aspect about your life, because everything is well connected. Everything you eat is something that could either nourish or destroy your body."
-- Chrissie Torres

I stand by her when it comes to this. YES, what you consume will ultimately determine the quality of work your body can produce. Eating clean makes me feel faster and more alert. It also gives me that kind of energy that makes you feel unstoppable. You are what you eat, is as true as the sky is blue.  

Her love for making healthy food kickstarted during her 3 week retreat to Bali. She recounts how healthy options were readily available everywhere. Most, if not all of the cafes in that community, had a meal that was both clean  and appetising. Something we don't have readily available here in Manila. She took her inspiration to heart and got to work. It was also around that time, that she decided to turn her old habits around. Stated an exercise regimen and began on her fitness journey. Armed with a desire to make things better, and the decision to live a healthier lifestyle, Mana Bites was created. Her ultimate dream is that one day, she too will have one of those cute cafes that got her started, but this time, here on home ground. 

Aside from being all natural, her stuff is really yummy! My personal favourites include their best seller Oatmeal Brekkie, which is a combination of oats and a blend of nut butters YUM! I also like their gluten free Tahini Bikini, perfect for those allergic to nuts! If you're looking for a powerful post workout treat, give their Plant Protein Bars a try! Packed with super foods including quinoa, chia seeds and sesame seeds, this little bar is loaded with clean fuel to feed those hungry muscles.

For the calorie counters wondering how much punch a serving packs, these power treats are all less than a 100 calories each! You can have them as an on the go breakfast, or as clean munchies to sustain you throughout the day (which is what I do). With a growing menu, I am likely to find myself often knocking on their kitchen door wanting more. 

Mana Bites, you have just made another clean eater so very happy. 


Mana Bites is available at the following studios:
Vibe Cafe at LiFE Yoga, Eight Forbestown Road, BGC
Beyond Yoga, Rockwell
Beyond Yoga, Serendra

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