Eat Train Love: Fitness for All

Working out for the first time can be intimidating. For the gym rat that hits it everyday, it's hard to comprehend the internal struggle that goes on in the heart of a girl wearing Ill fitting workout clothes, as she tries to figure out how a treadmill works beside the buff chick lifting twice her bodyweight. The struggle is real, and if not resolved would not bring that newbie back at the gym. 

If you're from Singapore and looking for a safe place to start, look no further. 

Spent the morning getting to know these women of strength. I love the Singapore fitness community!  

Eat Train Love (ETL) is a beautiful community, where different people of different backgrounds come together to workout. It doesn't matter if it's your first time, ETL is inclusive. Welcoming students of all fitness levels to their classes. Founder and certified personal trainer, Cheryl is a plant-based nutrition coach that leads the community into dynamic exercise programs, guaranteed to kickstart your fitness journey. 

Meet Cheryl. The founder of Eat Train Love. Follow her on Instagram at @eattrainlove_  

Meet Cheryl. The founder of Eat Train Love. Follow her on Instagram at @eattrainlove_  

The community is a breakaway from the traditional gym set up. All their classes are held outdoors, incorporating elements of the environment as part of the workout. Stairs, railings, lamp posts, you name it. They make it a point to have their sessions at Singapore's most picturesque locations. Imagine working out set against the beautiful Marina Bay Sands. So, make sure to bring your camera! Your gym #potd 's will never be the same again.

I attended their Thursday 9:30am class at Fort Canning Park. One bus ride away coming from Sommerset, Orchard Road. It's an uphill hike to get to the venue, so my workout began the moment I hopped off the bus. When I got to the top, I met an energetic group of ladies, each one having a different fitness story. Some of them were new to exercise, others have been working out for as long as they can remember, the fun part: all of them were friends. This is how fitness communities  should be like! Non discriminating, welcoming, free for all. By talking to the students, I learned how they all found a family in ETL and how it helped them stick to their fitness goals. 

Cheryl led us into the warm up followed by a series of body weight exercises and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). She made sure to explain each exercise as we went along, giving variations to fit our fitness levels. Students were given the option to speed up, or to take things a notch lower. We did everything as a group, moving around and making use of the space at Fort Canning. After 45 minutes, the class was done! In the end, we all gathered together under the shade of a big tree to cool down and stretch. We finished sweaty, but with all smiles ready to take on the rest of the day. 

When joining their sessions, make sure to bring a mat, a bottle of water, bug spray and your own towel. Since sessions are outdoors, make sure to pack a light workout bag so it would be easier for you to keep your stuff together. Don't forget to bring your post workout snack for when you get hungry! Protein bars, nuts and fruit are ideal. 

Pure Boost X, climacool top and leggings. Thank you adidas for my workout gear! 

Pure Boost X, climacool top and leggings. Thank you adidas for my workout gear! 

Read more about Eat Train Love by visiting their website. They're also on Instagram! Follow them at @eattrainlove_ and see what they're up to. 

It's never too late to start a healthy lifestyle. Invest in your body, and find a community that would help you become the best version of yourself. Stick with people who share the same passion as you do. Seek a support system and surround yourself with positivity. That way, you'll be sure to see fitness not like a chore you must complete, but a fun activity to look forward to every week. 

Happy workout!