Coach Pro Manila: Fitness Delivered Straight to Your Doorstep

I love discovering new workout options! Here's another one for all of you fit girls on the go. 

Meet Coach Richard and Coach Vanessa of Coach Pro Manila! #mycoachpro

Coach Richard led the workout kicking it off with a nice cardio session

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting the coaches from Coach Pro Manila, the first ever home Personal Training delivery service here in the Philippines. YES! You read that right! These guys are literally a gym on wheels.

Booking a session is easy. All you need is an available open space, and they'll take care of the rest. They can set up at your home, at your office, or even at an open park space in your area. All the equipment you need for the day, they'll have stowed in the trunk of their fit-mobile. Sessions are an hour long, conducted by a licensed fitness coach. You can customise your program based on your fitness goals. For my first session, we focused on strength and conditioning for the upper body and legs as well as cardio training. Mostly exercises targeted to help me get better at acro and aerial. After filling up the necessary forms, and a quick chat about my fitness lifestyle, we set up a mini gym using their equipment in my garage, and went straight to work. I was given the option to have the workout inside the house. However, I recommend having it outdoors. It makes you sweat so much more! Which is always a good thing.

I can fly! Pure Boost X and adidas gear from @adidasph #heretocreate

Also, part of the team, is an in-house physiotherapist, and nutritionist available for one on one consultation. Mention it upon booking your class and they'll come together with the coach on your next session. They're also tied up with Elorde Boxing Centre, if boxing and Muay Thai is your thing. This gives you more options for mixing and matching your workouts. News sent from heaven for fit girls out there with busy schedules. 

Booking a workout session has never been this simple. 

Having your training session at home doesn't mean that they'll take it easy on you. Particular attention was still given to my form and speed. They increased reps when necessary and loaded me with weights when it was getting too easy. It's really like having the whole gym experience minus the EDSA traffic at the comfort of your own space. After our first session, I was drenched, tired but happy. Just the way I like it. The team gave me a good stretch in the end too. Nothing makes an aerialist happier than freaking other people out by her flexibility. HA!

How far can I stretch you ask?


Would I recommend this? YES. Anything that brings fitness more accessible to the average Filipino is a good thing. If you have a busy week ahead and cannot make a trip to the gym, book a training session with Coach Pro Manila! These new fitness trends make it possible to never miss a workout day. Incorporate all available options in your training routine. Remember, consistency is key! 

They were gracious enough to give me the opportunity to share my Coach Pro experience with all of you. Get 50% your sessions for the month of April by using my promo code: KAYLEENPRO. Just mention the code when you book a class. Easy! Check their rates here, and book your session at 50off!

You may reach them at the following numbers:
0906 555 5123
(02) 625 0750

Visit their website at
Instagram: @coachpro_manila
Facebook: Coach Pro Manila

Happy workout!