During my recent  travel to Singapore, I spent most of my time trying out new things and getting to know the Singaporean fitness community. Sightseeing took a backseat, and instead I decided to focus on experiences which in turn, made for one of the best Singapore trips ever. I figured out the bus routes and headed straight for Joo Chiat Road. Based on my research, there are a lot of good studios concentrated in the area, so I figured it would be a great place to start. First stop, was an indoor surfing school. I've read about this place a few weeks back while prepping for the trip, so I was really excited to finally get to try it.

The studio: Surfset Singapore

Staying true to the surf vibe.

Staying true to the surf vibe.

Welcome to Surfset Singapore!    

Welcome to Surfset Singapore! 


The first of its kind in Asia, Surfset Singapore is all about getting fit through natural movements, with the added challenge of testing your balance and core engagement. Their studio offers three different types of classes: SWEAT, BALANCE and CORE. Each one designed to achieve different results, as well as target different fitness goals. (Read more about their class descriptions here.

I signed up for their BALANCE class, which is also the best class to take for beginners and first timers like me. Their studio sits on the 3rd floor of building 454B. Just keep an open eye out for the black and white sign that hangs outside of the building.

Upon entering, I was greeted with a warm hello by Yu Shuyi, instructor and owner of the studio. After filling up the necessary forms, she then ushered me to where all the fun happens. 

Getting on the board was more challenging than I had expected. Since, I've never surfed before, this was my first legitimate encounter with anything of this sort. Don't underestimate this workout! It's not as easy as the instructor makes it appear. She moved with ease, while I struggled looking like a newborn giraffe, which I think was the fun in the whole experience. The first part of the class focused mainly on getting the students comfortable with the apparatus. We did drills of hopping on and off the board, which eventually got me used to the movement and rhythm of the apparatus. Towards the end of the class, I was surfing like a pro (or so I would like to think). Its amazing to experience your muscles interact with something for the first time and retain information. Muscle memory is a miracle of the human body and I got to live that truth during my class with Shuyi. YEY!

After an hour, I was drenched. If you thought doing a crow pose on the floor was difficult, wait til you try it on a surfboard without water resistance. You're really going to feel this one tomorrow. 

I had so much fun in class! It targets your core and your quads and is a great sweat sesh too! If you're looking for a fun workout, or just out to try something you've never done before, check out their website and book a class with Shuyi! Their drop in rate is 35 SGD. They also have different class packages available if you wish to attend more than one class. You won't regret it. I am definitely coming back the next time I visit Singapore again. 

My awesome instructor Shuyi

How to get there:

Via Train
Take the train headed to Paya Leybar - MRT EW 8 CC 9 and take exit A.

Via Bus
East Coast Road No. 10, 10E, 12, 14, 14E, 32, 40
Joo Chiat Road No. 16

Surfset Singapore
454B Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427667, 3rd Storey
+65 9751 0793