Crazy Easy Tips On Staying Healthy Inside And Out

Health is more than what meets the eye. Literally.

Taking care of your body is more than just for vanity. It is far from the superficial image of health we are led to believe by Instagram, and the media. More than being skinny, or having abs. Health should be viewed in terms of overall wellness. The body seen in it’s totality. It is a constant process that starts from inside of you. Affecting how you feel, your mental state, and how you are able to effectively fulfill your day to day tasks.

This multi faceted view of health requires us to pay attention to several everyday elements. Starting with the food that we eat, and even our everyday care routines. All of this put together are what make up a healthy, happy body.

So in line with this. I’ve put together this blog post to talk about some of the easy simple things we can do to stay health both inside and out. Here are 5 tips you can do right now!


1. Drink More Water
I cannot stress this point enough. Water plays such a vital role in keeping your body in tip top shape. From the transport of nutrients to all your organs, to repairing damaged tissue, water serves as the key element to get all these tasks done. So one of the easiest ways to live better is to simply stay hydrated. If you need a physical reminder, bring a tumbler with you to work. Make sure to keep filling it up throughout the day, and drink at lest 2 liters of water. Help your body stay healthy from the inside and drink up!

2. Get Into Fitness!
Aside from the obvious benefits of fitness, like improving your overall health, reducing the risk of disease, and improving your quality of life. Fitness also targets your emotional and mental state. Studies show that people who engage in regular physical activities are happier, and have a more positive outlook in life. Exercise releases endorphins — our happiness hormones. This means that you are definitely guaranteed to walk out of a workout happy, and energized.

3. Eat Healthy
The saying “You are what you eat” cannot be more true. What you put inside of your body is what will show on the outside. Your first step to improving your health is in the kitchen. Take a quick inventory of all the things you have in your pantry. Asses what you see. Is there enough fruits vegetables, and fresh produce? Do you have a stock of whole foods? What you see in your home is likely what you’ll end up eating. So ditch the junk. Get rid of your high sugar sodas. Fill your shelves with healthy options.

4. Take Care of Your Mental Health
Our mental state plays a huge part in our overall health. Quite honestly, we aren’t talking about this issue as much as we all should be. Anxiety and depression are real issues, and it affects more people than you think. Seek professional help if you need it, there is no shame. Go talk to someone. Speak up and ask for help, remember that you are never alone in this. Conversely, be open to lend a listening ear to those who need someone to hear them out. We’re all in this together, and if there’s a way for us to battle the stigma of mental health, our best tool is to talk about it and treat it for what it is — an illness that needs cure.

5. Make Time For Me Time
Lastly, take time to pamper yourself. Take yourself on a date. Go to the spa. Go watch a movie. Treat yourself to a delicious dinner. Do the little things that make you feel good about yourself! It doesn’t have to be big, it can be as simple as keeping a daily skin routine. Take a few minutes before you go to bed and slather your skin with a good moisturizing lotion. It is important to nourish your skin because it plays an important role in protecting your body from the harmful elements in the environment. So by taking care of your skin, you keep yourself healthy on the inside and out. The trick is to find a good lotion that works well for you. My choice has always been the tried and tested — Jergens.

The one I use is the Jergens Ultra Healing lotion. It works wonders for skin recovery, especially with the kind of workout that I do. My skin always gets bruised, scraped, and sometimes even burnt from all the hoop and silks tricks that I do. I use the Ultra Healing lotion because it absorbs fast, and doesn't feel sticky after use. Just the perfect “Me Time” my skin needs to make me feel instantly relaxed, and nourished.


So there you have it! 5 crazy easy tips on staying healthy inside and out. It doesn’t take much to start living a healthier lifestyle. These simple things can make a huge difference in your overall health. It’s time you took good care of your body, and treat it kindly. After all, it’s the only one you’ve got. :)