Top Picks This Summer : adidas New Release

Who doesn't love a good #ootd? Loving this color palette so much so I thought I'd share with you guys my favorite pieces from the latest adidas collection. Here are my top picks for your summer workout.

Speed Crop and Climachill Sports Bra
I am in love with this print! Which is basically what inspired this post in the first place. It was love at first sight. The crop doesn't have pads, so you'll need to wear a sports bra underneath it. I probably won't be wearing these two together. I would most likely go with a less structured adidas bra underneath the crop; because the weather in Manila is just too much for clothing. You could definitely wear this outside in the heat. The length is enough to spare you from judgey looks from people who should just mind their own body. 

As for the climachill sports bra, it has the same lovely marble print as the crop. This is my 5th of the same kind, in a different color. I use them mainly for when I teach Indoor Cycling at Ride Revolution (take my class wink wink). I don't use it so much for aerial training though, but they're great for shoots. Gives you that extra lift where we Asian girls need it ;)

Grey Box Tank
This tank is my absolute favorite. In fact, this is my third one in the exact same color and style. If you're feeling inspired to get anything on this list, pick this one. I'm not really into T-Shirts and tight fitting tanks unless I'm on the silks, in which case your clothes really need to be tight or else you'll get stuck (I learned this lesson the hard way, thank goodness for training buddies). I mean for everyday running around from one studio to another, or as a workout cover up when you're at the gym, this basic top delivers. It's comfortable, and lightweight. It also has really big arm holes so your sports bra will peak a little when you wear it. Cute, but more importantly, cool for the summer. I like to wear it with shorts and trainers, all you need to rule the world.  


Core Chill Shorts
Too long for pole so I'll be using this as a post workout kind of thing. It's lightweight and small. Fits perfectly inside my bag. I workout, and teach A LOT. Sometimes I'd find myself in four different studios in one day. So I always have plenty of clothes packed with me when I go out. Given this, lighter and smaller is always the way to go. 

Pure Boost X Trainers
You can never go wrong with a pair of Pure Boost X's. I've taken these babies everywhere. Boxing, KB class, Circuit Training, HIIT, you name it. This will always and forever will be my training partner. Love the color scheme on this one. Grey and white, with a little pop of pink. Some color to brighten up this black and white haul. For those with little feet like me, the smallest size in this colorway is a US 5.5! 

But seriously, it's important that you invest in a good training shoe. Especially for those that like to workout a lot. The proper footwear can lengthen your fitness life by years. Use the right shoe for the right workout. Do your research and choose the one that addresses your body's concerns. If you're not sure on what you should get, see an orthopedic sports specialist, or a podiatrist for a consultation. 


3/4 Tights
Having the same marble print as the crop and the sports bra, if you want to be all matchy matchy. Mostly all black, but with a white stripe that cuts through one leg. This would look nice under the black light at the studio. I like this length, and would always prefer this over the full length leggings. It's because I have a long torso, but with short legs heehee (cue in t-rex jokes). So, this cut is more flattering for my proportions. I will most likely wear this with the climachill bra you saw posted at the top of this list. A few other notes: It's made with stretchy fabric and climalite technology. This means that you can sweat a lot during a workout and not look like you ran through a storm. Also, since the fabric doesn't soak in all your sweat, you feel light all throughout your workout. My choice during cardio days. 


Chill Tank
This one is new. I haven't seen this tank design in stores until just now. The main difference of this tank from all the other adidas ones I have is that, it's seamless on the arm edges. Quite excited so see how this feels on a workout day. As for the tech, it's climachill on the back which really makes a difference on hot days. I love clothing tech. I really do. The researchers behind these little dots are a tropical girl's best friend. Good job you guys!


That's it for now! This is what's new at adidas PH. If you're using my size as reference, I'm an S for bottoms, and only for this line, an S for tops. I am usually an M, but these ones run big, so I would suggest you shop for a size smaller. Check out the adidas Store for more cool stuff this summer. xx