Adventures of a Tropical Girl in the Snow

From where I come from in the Philippines, the temperatures never go below 20 degrees C. In other words, it's always hot and it never snows. I'm not complaining though, I love Manila weather. Throughout my travels, I've learned that your girl right here was built for the tropics (although, a little bit of Prague weather will not hurt every now and then). 

I welcomed 2017 in a different city, with a whole lot of snow. Travel is my breathing space. Truly, if it were free to travel, you'd probably see me a lot less. Seeing how big and diverse this world is excites me. You come home a new person every time, richer in experience and in heart. Definitely the best way to usher in the new year. 

We spent almost two weeks in Seoul, Korea celebrating the New Year with family. The last time I was here was 13 years ago when I was an exchange student back in high school. It was also around this time of year -- winter. Come to think of it, I've never seen Korea during a different season (note to future self when booking my next trip to Korea). I remember how we biked to school in the snow, since my host family lived near the university. Plus, their bike culture has always been thriving. After what seemed to be a lifetime ago, I find myself back. Loving the same things I've loved the first time around -- food, sights, and winter activities! 

It was also in Korea when I went on my first ever ski trip. This was way before my fit self. Needless to say, I sucked plenty. But still remember having the best time ever! Being a girl living in the tropics, winter sports are a must when visiting a place with snow. During this visit, we booked a snowboarding trip to Vivaldi Park, a resort not far from the heart of the city. We bought our tickets from Klook, my current go to when it comes to buying passes while travelling. They give 10% to 30% discounts off of the regular price of attractions. Check it out the next time you need tickets to something. They might have it there.

We were picked up by a bus in Myeong Dong (my favorite place in Korea, see previous post) at 7am sharp. They only wait 15 minutes, so if you're going on this trip make sure you come at the pick up point on time. The trip to the park took an hour and a half travel via bus. Traffic wasn't so bad that day, so we got there pretty smoothly. You have the option to rent ski gear at the park, or you can also bring your own. There's also lockers available to keep your stuff, each one running for 2000 W a slot for the entire day. 

It's always fun to be a beginner. I've never tried snow boarding before, equipped only with my not so fantastic sense of balance, and a few YouTube videos (I wish I watched more, haha) we took our gear outside and pretty much winged it. Just how most things in life go, and of course, your eyeliner. We took the lift up to the slope and made our way down. It took a few runs before we kind of got the hang of it. After 3 tries, I finally managed to make it all the way down without falling over. Again, proving to myself how my body is infinitely smarter than me. 

Here's a clip of what we did that day! My leg muscles were sore the day after, and James had a bruised rib. But it's all good. Would definitely do this again! 

Again, big hugs to our amazing hosts. Tito Boboy and Tita Bebe. Sending love your way today and always! xx