I Made My First Vlog!

A few days ago, I was invited to attend the first ever Vlogging Workshop hosted by Sample Room PH at Green Sun Hotel in Makati. From this event, I've learned so much new insight on how to create content by looking at the creative process through the lens of a vlogger.

All of this information is new to me since I don't really vlog. Although I do have my YouTube channel set up -- you can check it out here. I use it mainly for the usual blog video content, as well as covering highlights of the workshops I run. Not much of the narrating day to day events, or sharing insight as you would on a written blog, like what you're reading now. So it was nice to head a different perspective on things. Vloggers say that they like vlogging because it allows them to share more with less amount of time. Perfect for a generation that consumes digital media like popcorn in a cinema. 

So aside from this post, I figured I'd put together all the things I've learned from that day to make my very first vlog! Honestly, I've always been curious about it, but never brought myself to actually make one. But tying it back to my biggest takeaway from the event -- Just keep on making things. It's a new world of sharing and connecting. So don't be afraid. Put yourself out there!

My general experience from making this: It's actually pretty fun! Always a good thing to discover new ways to create. So here you go! Check out the highlights of our workshop by clicking on this link. If you haven't yet, subscribe to my YouTube channel, or leave a comment and say Hi 💕

Big thanks to our event sponsors: 


If you haven't checked out Sample Room PH yet. Visit their website at sampleroom.ph. The concept is that, you get to try their partner products before you buy them. Just pay for the shipping fee! Nice and easy.

Stay fit! Stay strong!