This is Why We Have Women's Month

Half naked, yet still not asking for it 💕💪🏾

Figured that this post should be up on my feed where it wont’t disappear. Coincidentally, March is also International Women’s Month. So if you missed my IG stories yesterday, let me fill you in.

I was at the pool by myself at the hotel I’m staying at here in Jakarta, when this creep stepped out of his room. Walked up to the edge of the pool and unashamedly ogled at me. He was sitting there for I don’t know how long before I took notice. When he realized that my attention was on him, he transferred and hid behind the bushes, and continued to watch me, like a complete and utter perv.


I could let this go. Like how all of us girls are told to do so. Making excuses for when men behave disgustingly at our expense. “He just looked at you, it was nothing. You should be flattered”, “People get catcalled all the time, it’s normal.”, “Some people have had it worse, you are overreacting.” and the most glorious one of them all “That’s just how men are. Accept it.” To all of this I indignantly say — HELL. NO.

So, like a true millennial hehe I stuck a camera up his face and took his photos until he retreated his disgusting self back into his room. Sent his face over to the hotel manager. Reported, and now posting everywhere. Why am I so rilled up over this? Why haven’t I stopped talking about it? Because I am sick of it, and the only way that we can even begin put a stop to this is to be brave, call it out and speak. I refuse to stay a victim. For all the days of my life I will fight. I will shame. I will call out disgusting behavior. Not just for myself but for all the women who have to go through this on a daily basis. It is NEVER okay, and IT IS A BIG DEAL.

Fully clothed or fully naked. If we’re not asking for it, WE’RE NOT ASKING FOR IT! Plain and simple.