The Ride Home

Today marks my first official month at Ride Revolution. In a surprising turn of events, I find myself in a place I never thought I would be. I am in love with it. In fact, I think this breathing space is just what I needed. Being the person that I am, here are some of my realizations in this journey that started in the summer, during the height of Stellar season. I can act all surprised and go "What was I thinking!?" But let's skip the nonsense. Of course we make it work. 

Photo by Tarish Zamora

Photo by Tarish Zamora

Follow Your Strength

Cardio was never my thing. I feel like it's discovering something new. A new love in many ways. When I used to design my workouts, this takes least priority (sorry). But all that changed when I decided to just go for it, and see where the strength of my body will take me. What I love most about movement, are the endless possibilities. There's always room to push it further, nothing is ever a dead end. Taking on something new allowed me to get to know my body better, expanding what it can do. Our training started during Stellar season. The most hectic time of the year for us at Polecats Manila. During that time, since I was juggling so many things, I had to re examine my motivations. What drives me forward. I learned that more than passion, it's my strength that I trusted. 

I hear follow your passion a lot, and I respect those who chose to take that path. I used to say that too. But now I've learned that the decision of what to follow has to be a bit more considerate of what the world will gain from the life you decide to live. Trust to follow where your strength is, and the excitement will come after. Passions are beautiful, but are not unshakable. Instead of living to follow it, do what you must, and live everyday thinking of ways to affect your community. If you have something that can make it better, go for it. Passion will follow as a result of seeing how others are affected by your actions. 

Create Home Wherever You Find Yourself

Home is not a place. It is the community you surround yourself with. I am not a very sociable person. I don't do small talk, and new people make me awkward. Home was my comfort zone where I did not have to deal with all of this. I never thought that my understanding of home would limit me, but it turns out it was. I had to shift the way I see it, and true enough, the world just got so much bigger once I did.

This was a brewing thought earlier this year. Taking action to change it was a year long process. Looking back at the year that was, this was one of the most important lessons I've learned in 2016.

Taking it back to Ride Revolution, here I met the most amazing people who taught me everything I know about this adrenaline universe (I also learned new songs hehe -- lola). I have fallen in love with my batch. I have their backs forever, and I know that they have mine too. I've always felt that the  instructors that taught us, want us to succeed. Not a single time did we doubt it. That's really what made 4 classes in a row for almost the whole summer possible. Stepping into that studio was definitely one of the highlights of my year. 

If you're struggling with the same thing as I was. This is what I have to say to you: 
If home were truly home, it would understand. 


Be Authentic

Lastly, something pretty straightforward. Be yourself. Never fake it. You are your own person. Everyone is going through their own journey, focus on yours and not theirs. Use social media for the good. Use it to inspire, not to lie. Be accountable for what you put out there.

Do you. Don't be afraid.