Answering The Question : How Do I Train After Being On Break For So Long?

Let’s get real.

I never have a big comeback story. It’s because I never really have been in a situation where I had to leave training. You can say that in many ways, it is the one thing I am afraid of. So to approach the question of: “How do I get back to training?” let’s talk about FEAR. What if I come back without a deadlift? What if I can’t do a hundred circus climbs anymore? What if I’m scared of high silks drops again? It makes me think, why am I so scared of it? After much thought, and in an effort to find an answer, I realise 2 things:

Photo by Wilson Wu

Photo by Wilson Wu

1. That there is a danger in chasing strength for the sake of strength alone. More than the skill, learn to love the whole experience. What does your body feel in the moment of movement? Towards what end do you train for? Once you lose sight of this, ego takes over. This does not nurture your practice in any way. So move listening to where your body wants to go. May it be to the intensity of a storm, or to the subtlety of a daydream. Do it. Both are of equal value.

2. You are not defined by the things you can and cannot do. It’s a trap, that even the most elite athletes fall into. Be aware that even if you are your own competition, you still have to treat yourself with kindness. Even though you feel like you’re losing something during your time away, the truth is that you are not. Focus on the now. Make something meaningful out of it. If you take a break to pursue another dream, make sure to give all you got to make that dream reality. If it is to raise a family, make sure you become the best mother or wife you could be. Easier said than done, but it’s true. You have so much more worth than the tricks you can do.

Am I still scared? I will not lie. Yes I am terrified. But I will make a conscious decision not to be. If I did it once, I can do it again. And in the event that I cannot, everything will be okay. Because we all end up as the universe intends it to be, and there’s nothing left to do but to trust it. 🌈💕😌💪🏾

If you made it this far, thanks for reading my novela! Haha! Comment below so I know who you are. I dedicate today’s training to you! If you have a similar story, do share. I want to know how you do it. 




PS. Photo story : This was taken during my residency at Movem in Shanghai, China. I did not have aerial for a month, and it was the first time I've been on a trip away from Polecats Manila, and my family by myself, for this long. In many ways I consider this trip as a gateway. This led to the many adventures that happened shortly after :)