Move U : The Art and Science of Calisthenics

I'm so excited to be part of this project! On June 11, the team behind 360 Fitness Club will be launching Move U Systems. It's a series of workshops in partnership with different fitness studios of various disciplines, designed to educate, and bring fun functional fitness accessible to everyone. It's more than just blowing you away with flashy tricks. The goal of this program is to explain, using science as our main guide, how these feats of strength are even possible.  


Hosting the launch, and conducting the first ever class of Move U is Calibarzz. The first indoor calisthenics gym in the country. This place has now become my home. Starting from just one of the curious things I wanted to try, Calibarzz has now become an integral part of my fitness, and the people here I now call friends. It's my first official workshop with them and I absolutely thrilled! Together with the rest of the team from 360 Fitness Club, we'll be guiding participants through drills and calisthenic movements, led by Head Coach, Jose Gemora. 

Participants should expect to learn proper muscle activation, technique, execution, variations, and progressions of calisthenics, as we combine science and play working towards ultimate bodyweight strength.

The workshop is designed to fit different types of fitness levels. So no matter where you are in your journey, we'll definitely have something in store for you. If you've always been wanting to try calisthenics, now is the time! Learn something new about your body and have fun in the process. 


Here are some quick details about the workshop: 

Master Trainers

Jose Gemora

Currently the Head Coach of 360 Fitness Club, Coach Jose is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (NSCA CSCS), a Level 1 Functional movement screen coach (FMSc1) and an EXOS performance specialist (XPS). With 8 years of experience in the industry, he is trained to motivate people with different fitness levels to guide them in achieving their fitness goals. His expertise in progressive calisthenics (PCC) is one of the foundations of MovU's Bodyweight Module. Coach Jose, like he has done with the many clients he has worked with through the years, will inspire you to make fitness your way of life.



Calibarzz established the first ever Calisthenics Park in the Philippines in 2014 and is solely dedicated to spreading the bodyweight movement training and advocating fitness through an active and healthy lifestyle.

It features a core group of trainers and mentors who are athletically gifted and are firm believers of the Aesthetics revolution in the fitness industry.


Workshop fee:
Early Bird Rate until June 3,2016: Php 1500 for the first 15 participants.
Regular Rate: Php 1800
For inquiries, you may contact us at 09175100410

We can only take a maximum of 30 participants for this workshop so hurry and register now. See you at the barzz!