#MightyFitChallenge 2018

I'm back in Manila, and ready for action! 

Every beginning of the year, I always like to set a general direction for my life. It's a way of re aligning the things that I am currently doing, making sure that what I use my energy on are the things that really matter. To keep what still resonates with me, and to discard all that is just noise. This year I've set a goal of making real human relationships. To live beyond the screen.

I am grateful for the support that I've received throughout the past year, and in an effort to make things better I will make this year all about getting to know more about my social circle. I realized that numbers have no meaning if we don't convert them into actual connections. So this year I'll be running several events to connect with the people around me. A part of me excited, a part of me really nervous. But isn't that what great dreams are made of? First on my list is the #MightyFitChallenge.

If you are already part of my Facebook group, welcome! Welcome! If you aren't yet, hit this link and join us: Mighty Fit

I am officially launching my community group this year, and I am so happy reading all of the stories posted by our members! With this, I'd like to welcome you to our first challenge this year! I've designed this set to kick-start your fitness journey. Or if you've been on holiday mode and having trouble getting back on track. Or simply looking for something fun to join with a group that share the same drive for movement and fitness.

For 7 days (January 15-21), we'll run through a series of challenges. Together with some of my favorite brands that I personally love. It will be a series of workouts, nutrition hacks, and lifestyle changes. All to get you ready for your mightiest year yet! Each challenge for the day will be posted in this group, and your output to be shared on your personal Instagram accounts for accountability. We will use the hashtag #MightyFitChallenge so I can track all of you.

Fitness is about building habits, it is about community, and most importantly, about making that decision to start. No matter where you are in your fitness journey.

So invite your friends, and prepare that heart. Let's make 2018 your best year yet! Welcome to the 7 day #MightyFitChallenge.