Your Best TeaTox Drink Is Here!

Behind the Bayani Brew brand is a team of incredible Filipinos, driven by passion, and hell bent determined to make a difference in this world. Creators like them are my modern day heroes, and are the kind of people we need more of in this country. They are movers, that refuse to accept that we as a nation are capable of anything less than great. A breath of fresh air in a society often surrounded by negativity. You don't need to look far to find inspiration. Sometimes you just have to look over your own backyard. In this case, quite in the literal sense. 

Supporting Bayani Brew means uplifting organic farming communities, augmenting the income of independent farmers, promoting sustainability, innovation, and responsible consumption. Read more about their story by clicking the active links in this post. 

I am greatly honored to represent this brand, and everything that it stands for. I am so proud to be the first ambassador for Bayani Brew

Let's change the world :)

Your best teatox drink is here! Make sure to grab a bottle before your next workout. Do your body a favor by having something deliciously healthy, and also help local communities in the process. It's the best deal out there!