Jergens : Glow In My Skin Campaign plus! Tips on how to achieve healthy glowing skin

It's been one hell of a summer here in Manila! Just a quick life update before we get into this blog post. Stellar Across the Universe is fast approaching! We barely have a week left before the show and we are neck deep in rehearsals and event preps. IT'S CRAZY!!! If you haven't heard about it yet. Stellar is the annual Polecats Manila Summer Recital, we are now on our 8th year! It's been an amazing journey and I cannot wait to see all our students perform on stage. For more information about this event visit

NOW! Let's talk about the Jergens' Glow in My Skin Event! A celebration of 100 years of beautiful glowing skin from the one brand that has been with us since the very beginning. Honestly, I was kilig to get an invite to become one of Jergens' newest ambassador for the campaign, together with other inspiring women leaders. This is literally the first brand of skin care that I grew up to. It's one of those brands that your mom swears by, and uses up until this day. It takes me back, like no other beauty product could. To talk about what beauty means to me, and to share my story was truly an honor. 

In case you missed it! Sharing with you some of the highlights of the event, held at the Eastwood Mall Atrium Hall, last July 5 with an exhibit that ran until July 7, 2018. Click to see the official event photos below!

The Jergens #GlowInMySkin was also a celebration of the rich heritage of the brand. How a humble family business turned into the household brand we know today. Part of the display was a Heritage corner – a peek into the brand’s rich history featuring the star of the show! One of the oldest Jergens lotion bottles from the early 1900s. Still preserved and intact. Today, Jergens keeps itself relevant by continuous innovation. The most recent one being the all new formula featuring Hydralucence technology, which reflects light off your skin, making it literally glow! Proof that we don't need to look far to find the best brands. It is, the tried and tested ones that always got your back. 


Of course, the highlight of my day is always leading people into movement. To close the event I led the attendees to a special MightyFit Workout, a fitness workshop featuring some quick and effective heart pumping exercises for even the busiest people. You don't need to spend a whole day at the gym to get your workout in, all you really need is a few minutes, and space to move around in. These girls did just that.

Also, I believe that healthy skin is something that starts from within. I am a very no-frills kind of girl, with a skin care regimen that is quick and on the go. I don't have time to do any of those 12 step rituals. Healthy skin is a combination of self- care, skin care, and a healthy, holistic
lifestyle. The better you take care of yourself on the inside, the more you glow on the outside. Here are some things that you can do to get that beautiful natural glow:

1. Hydrate
And i mean from the inside. Make sure to drink water all throughout the day. Our bodies constantly use water to get rid of toxins through bodily functions. Help this process by keeping yourself hydrated. I try my best to drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day. It helps if you bring a tumbler or reusable container  with you so you can always just refill when you need it!

2. Eat Healthy
Aside from water, make sure that you eat food that is good for you. Food that nourishes, and gives you the amount of nutrients your body needs. This includes lots of vegetables and healthy proteins and fat. Skip the junk. It's true what they say -- you are what you eat. So stop eating junk, and go for real whole foods. 

3. Exercise
Workout! Move! Go upside down! There is no one size fits all for exercise. It's all about finding something you like to do. Make yourself your own motivation. Not to change how it looks, but to do it because it's good for you. The only workout you will ever regret doing, is the one you did not do. So find something that works for you, and let the happy hormones take care of the rest.

4. Moisturize
We work from the inside going out. Aside from all the things mentioned above, it is important that you have moisturizing product that works well with your skin. My favorite Jergens variant is the Jergens Ultra Healing lotion. It works wonders for skin recovery, especially with the kind of workout that I do. My skin always gets bruised, scraped, and sometimes even burnt from the silks. I like this because it absorbs fast, and doesn't feel sticky after use. Just the perfect TLC my skin needs after an intense training session.  

5. Stay Positive
Think happy thoughts, and always remember to be grateful. Never forget that you are worthy of love, and self respect. Let no one convince you otherwise. Be kind to the people you meet, and choose to empathize instead of judge. Positivity goes a long way, not just for you but also the people around you. Glow is not just beauty, it is your attitude as well. 

After a long day of rehearsals. I use Jergens to recover and rehydrate my skin to keep it beautiful and glowing. 

After a long day of rehearsals. I use Jergens to recover and rehydrate my skin to keep it beautiful and glowing. 

Lastly, the best part that I love about Jergens goes beyond the things that it does for your skin. All those real results are great, but what really makes me stand for the brand is how it celebrates beauty in all shapes and forms. All colors, all types of skin, all kinds of women. Not once has this brand endorsed skin whitening, even if everyone else in the market capitalized on this complicated relationship we Filipinos have with fair skin. They are an advocate of diversity, and inclusivity. In a world where every skin care product on the shelf wants to change who you are. They exist to teach you to love being you. To love the skin you are born in. To celebrate what makes us all different. 

This I feel is the strongest message that has stood for 100 years. I would gladly put my name on that :)