I Went Online Shopping for the First Time in My Life!

So friends. As most of you might not know. I am not a big shopper. This comes out as a surprise for most, and I’m not sure why. Do I look like someone who likes to shop a lot? Haha! You can let me know in the comments.

I don’t like buying things for myself. Not sure where this part of me comes from, but I have many theories. Most if not all of our adult habits can be traced back to childhood, and our young experiences eventually manifest themselves when we grow up. In my case, growing up I was always told to save for the future. To put off whatever want I had for the “now” for as long as I could, and eventually have it when I had more to spare. Delayed gratification at it’s finest. Something I really took to heart. At some point, I started taking mental notes of how long I could put off something I wanted. How long I could wait, until I eventually forgot. Something you don’t really expect from every 6 year old girl you meet. Sad? Not really. More of just — uncommon as I would like to think.

I was taught to earn for the family right out of college in true oldschool fashion. Once you’re done with uni. Go work. Hence led me from one odd raket to the next. Grateful that I found pole, which significantly cut this whole search in half the time. So, childhood experience combined with early responsibility did just the trick, to turn me into the biggest anti shopper one could find. Haha! Okay enough introspection. Here’s what I really wanted to share, which is the point of this post. After a year (yes a year) of putting items in my cart, going back and forth about checking out. I finally made my first Zalora purchase. Yay! Sharing with you my YouTube video down below:

I downloaded the app on my phone via the App Store, for android phones you can find this app on Google Play. They also have a webiste you can visit, it’s www.zalora.com.ph.

This post is not an ad. It just really got me thinking about why I act the way I do. Even if I did not grow up in lack. I was taught to live in such a way, thinking that I was. I’m not saying that it’s wrong, it does have it’s own merits. Say for example, I never have credit card issues, or I barely have any self control problems, and I never impulse buy. So yes. This debunks the theory that all girls enjoy shopping. Stop being sexist.

However, I do feel that I live in an extreme that needs to be corrected. Not because I can afford to, but because it provides an avenue for growth in terms of quality of life. I just need new clothes, now here I am thinking about my reasons why, instead of what color I should get for a jumpsuit. Haha

My main takeaway is this — you should always strike a balance. In saving for the future, and enjoying what you have now. Because the truth is that you never know what will happen tomorrow, or in the next week, or even the next year. Make the active decision to enjoy life. To not just work and make ends meet. But to celebrate your blessings, and to treat yourself from time to time. Live. But live smart.

Never thought that an online shopping experience would take a turn for life assessment. Yet here we are. If you can relate! Let me know. I’d be happy to learn that I am not alone. :)