Celebrating Freedom to Move with the adidas Women FitSquad

What a way to kick start the second half of the year! We've been working up towards this event for the whole month of May, and finally we all saw it come together. I teamed up with adidas ph to bring together a workout that celebrates movement, flow, and freedom. A perfect way to usher in the launch of the adidas Warp Knit, and also a mighty fine end to the #MightyFitYear series I've been running this whole month for my blog anniversary. 

I led the adidas Women FitSquad, and the adidas influencers in a workout I've put together specifically for this event. It involved a lot of mobility work, and flow exercises designed to explore a wider range of body movement. We brought most of our work to the ground, focusing on primal movement exercises, which I feel very strongly about. There is an innate sense of familiarity attached to it. It's like your body knows exactly what to do; but more than that, it knows that it was meant to do it. Leading a group of women discover this about themselves was truly something else. 

I have my ultimate flow inspirations to thank for this: Josh Taylor, and Marlo Fisken. If you've never come across these names before, do yourself a favor, and go check them out on Instagram and Facebook. They're badass unicorns. I love them, and their work. They are amazing human beings and I cannot say this enough about them. People in the aerial world who relate to my level of fandom, hit me in the comments.

I also got to bring my silks at the event. Big thanks to White Space, and to my rigger AJ, for figuring out a safe way to mount my baby without a truss. After the session I got to teach a few basic moves to the attendees of the class. I must say, these adidas girls are pretty strong! They look like such pros on the fabric! I think we should definitely run a silks class for one of the adidas events in the future. Are you girls up for it?  

Big thanks to White Space for the venue, Mana Bites and Kajuayan for our post workout treats. Margaret and AJ for being my all around hands. Wunderman for the photos. And of course, adidas PH for having my back always. I cannot ask for a better team. 

Love, Light, and Fitness,


Splits on silks wearing adidas Warp Knit

Splits on silks wearing adidas Warp Knit