To the adidas Women FitSquad, this one is for you

My fitness journey has always been about creating movement. About pushing boundaries, and discovering the things you never thought you could do. Finally, I got to share with the FitSquad what kick-started my gravity defying life. Albeit unconventional, but pretty badass in all the sense of the word.

We are called to create, to constantly explore, and to think outside of the box. Throughout the years, I have learned that no type of movement is superior than the other. To be able to control your body is powerful. And all of us have the ability to harness that power. This means, that whether you are weight lifter, a marathoner, or a dancer -- you are an artist. Your body is your most powerful tool, and the world your canvass.

Movement unites us all.

Being part of the #adidaswomenfitsquad and to represent this brand I love was definitely one of the highlights of my 2016. It has been a pleasure to speak in front of all of you, and most importantly, to finally share with you what brought me into this community.

May we all continue to move, and find what keeps us moving,