Beijing Series : Exploring the Hutongs of Nan Luogu Xiang

Here's the third installment of my Beijing series. I had plenty of time on my hands so I've got more of these coming your way. :) 

One of the most unexpected things that came out of the last few days of 2017 was the spark that lit my YouTube Channel. I pretty much went back and forth on whether or not I should keep it after my China trip. I do always say that I'm not the type of person to care about what other people think, or say. But this one hit me pretty strong. That even, I was surprised to have those sort of feelings alive in me. I guess there will always be those mindless days when we fall into what we've purposely avoided. But as always, the rational mind will always come out winning. It took a firewall and a dead laptop to give birth to my channel. There's absolutely nothing to fear. So this is me coming out to all of you. Officially adding YouTube to the list of where to find me. Do subscribe to my channel and comment what you'd wish me to cover in my Vlog. I try to make content in all my social media platforms different. So expect the unexpected. 

Took a quick adventure to Nan Luogu Xiang. I absolutely murdered the pronunciation of this in this video. I found out when I checked with a friend that lived in Beijing. Haha! (Hi Myla) Sorry Chinese friends I promise to have more Chinese in me for the next visits. I walked through some of the famed hutongs of Beijing and much more. Find out how to get here, and some not to miss places in this little historical passage.

Happy Travels!