Bali Blog : 6am Wake Up Calls

Making today's log short and sweet. We have to come in extra early tomorrow for our test day. I can't believe this trip is almost at it's end. Also, I wish I started this blog series way earlier. Bali has so many beautiful stories to tell. Anyway, here are today's thoughts:

1. The world is even bigger than I had imagined. Creating a home in the place where you are planted is not something that spans studios, or even cities. It was meant to be lived out all over, even if you have never been to that place. I've met some of the most amazing people during my training. Fearless women that are literally living in this world. They carry with them what they need, and move from one city to the next without hesitation. If the universe calls, they go. No questions asked. I wish to be like them. 

2. I can turn vegetarian if I wanted to. This is my sixth day, and my body has adjusted quite well. It was weird the first two days, I was constantly hungry and I got a pretty bad headache on the first day. Today, everything is normal with my body. I thought I would go through a more challenging transition, but I did not. Almost uneventful. Pretty smooth. I'm glad I tried it out this week. Now, I know the answer. 

3. I did a handstand today unassisted. The first time in a very long time. Fear is what holds me back from making my attempts consistent. I am not scared of dropping from the silks fifteen feet off the ground, but I am so scared falling from a handstand a few inches off the floor. It makes no sense. I am getting that handstand this year. (I said this last year too)

4. Hinduism is beautiful. 


5. I better pass tomorrow's test.