5 Easy Kettlebell Exercises For Beginners

Here's something for my readers who would rather work out at home. If you're thinking about your next home gym equipment purchase, and looking for something versatile and useful -- get a kettlebell.

What exactly is a kettlebell? 

Basically, a kettlebell is a steel weight, usually round, and shaped like a cannon ball. Originally from Russia, this humble piece of equipment was used to weigh down crops until it slowly made its way to strongman competitions. It has a handle on the top, and horns on the side where you grip tight, allowing you to perform high intensity exercises that target strength, flexibility, and cardio vascular training. They come in various weights, depending on the training requirement.

If you're not sure what to purchase, test it out and gauge your strength. Make sure that you get something you can carry. It's better to go for a lighter weight if it means a higher chance of you using it. From there, slowly progress to a heavier weight. My first kettlebell was 10lbs, which I suggest would be a good weight to start with.    

For this post, I give you 5 beginner exercises you can do. Make sure to observe proper form at all times. Core tight, and draw power from the hips. Special thanks to Coach Carlo of 360 Fitness Club for helping me with this video. And of course Cosmo PH for working with me in this series. 

A few reminders:
1. Make sure to warm up the shoulders, arms, and legs before getting into the workout.
2. Don't forget to cool down after each workout as well. 
3. Keep yourselves hydrated. Have a bottle of water with you while you workout. 
4. Shoes are optional, you don't really need them. But if you're trying these moves for the first time. A pair of trainers would be good to protect your feet for this workout.