Bali Blog : Spiritual Beings And The Human Experience

I believe in the universe, and how our human consciousness will constantly seek to understand it. May it be through science or spirit, it is in our nature to seek for answers. And depending on our individual experience, we decide to either accept or reject information we receive, as we try to piece everything together. There is no guarantee that at the end of this mortal life, we find all that we ask. The apparent truth is that we may never even come close to finding all the answers to our questions in this lifetime. All we could hope for, is that as we seek, we experience glimpses of bliss, and a certain level of enlightenment in the process. 

My teacher Acacia, best described our time on earth as: Spiritual beings having a human experience.

I believe her. 

We are all but passing through, in a body that allows us to experience, and interact with what surrounds us. Our spiritual nature is what fuels our desire to know. Because everything around us is in the same process of seeking as we are. You leave a part of you with people you meet, places you go, life you interact with. Maybe wanting to know comes from all the shared pieces that have been passed around. They're all finding their way back. They never will though. But the urge to seek will still remain. 


Tomorrow I fly back to Manila. It's true what they say. Bali is indeed magical. There is something that lives in this place that I know I will always come back to from now on.

To the beautiful souls that I met during my brief stay. You inspire me. We come from different parts of the world, and yet at this exact moment, we were all called here. One day may we find our reason, and come to fully understand why. Til that day comes, I will carry a piece of you in my heart. As for me, I know that you have opened my eyes to see a little clearer.

Places are teachers, and Bali has been a great one. I will be back soon.