For the ones who say "I am not strong enough"

I write this note for all the ones who say:


"I am not strong enough".


Admittedly, I've had my own share of succumbing to genetic limitations. I've said too many times that my arms are too short, or my hands too small to be able to get into a trick.


But at some point, you'll realize that your strength is defined by what you allow yourself to become. You are the most powerful voice in your head. What you tell yourself is what your body will believe, and ultimately what it will become in the end. Be kind to yourself, but at the same time. Believe that you can do more.


Recognizing your limit should not be the end of it. It's half the fight yes, but not enough to win the battle. Compete with no one. Instead, aim to become the best version of yourself.


It's never a utopian transformation of thought. I too experience self doubt sometimes. But I never let it win over me. NEVER. Punch it hard. Let it fall beneath you.


Everyday you are given the chance to make a decision to become stronger. To challenge your limits and to allow your body to amaze you. No one is ever born strong. You have to take it upon yourself to make the most of what you are given. Only then will you defy.

Photo by Michael Pua

Photo by Michael Pua

If you don't have a mantra, let me share mine with you:

My will, will always be mightier than my genetics.