Calibarzz: Ninja Warrior in the Works

After much searching, I finally found the perfect place to do all my favourite things -- swing, flip, invert, and fly outdoors. Calibarzz is a purely calisthenics outdoor gym nestled at the heart of Sikatuna Village, Quezon City. Street workout brought behind closed gates, to provide a safer environment for enthusiasts. I've visited several calisthenics gyms before, but nothing has captured my interest quite like this one. I think I found myself a keeper. 

Staying true to a life upside down. 

Staying true to a life upside down. 

Contrary to what most people think, that only guys can become street ninjas, this place is run by two amazingly strong girls, who have turned their home into their training space. How awesome is that!?! Nica and Marj, together with the rest of the team, conduct regular classes every day at two main time slots: 7:00am and 4:30pm. What started out as a hobby for the group, Calibarzz has grown into a fitness gem and a must visit for fitness-nuts in search for a new spin to their usual workout. 

Nica teaching us the right way to do a tuck lift. No swinging allowed here!

Make sure to book your spot early on! They only take a maximum of 5 people per class, keeping a 1:1 student teacher ratio, especially if there are first timers in the group. They are very particular with form and alignment. This space is an absolutely no kipping zone. Everything is done with precision, correct breathing and proper muscle engagement. Quality over quantity all the way. 

The workout starts with a mobility warm up. Shoulder rotations, squats, and jacks to get your muscles prepped for action. After-which, we do something that looks like this:

Although pull ups are a cinch, tricep dips were the real challenge. Since my sport doesn't have anything that even remotely resembles a dip, this posed the most difficulty for me. But who am I to say no to a challenge? I'm not the kind of girl that backs down quite easily. I'm sure you've all noticed that by now ;) 

But the real fun happens after the drills. If you stick around after the class, the coaches will let you play with them and teach you a bit of freestyle on the bars. They're amazing! I am really a fan of flight. It's the ultimate defiance of what our bodies were born limited to. You don't need wings to fly. You just need a whole lot of muscle, and an even greater amount of will power to make it happen. 

Of course, no fitness adventure would be complete without a touch of acro on the side. Three is quite a challenge, good thing these girls are troopers.  

206lbs of awesomeness on my shoulders. Adidas Pure Boost X on my feet. 

Balance is key. Lexi and Chrissie are experts at it. 

This girl right here will become a Ninja Warrior one day. But first, let me pin that muscle up down. *throws fist in the air* 

Visit Calibarzz at 6 Madasalin, Sikatuna Arts District Quezon City Philippines. Look for the gate with the giant number 6 painted on it. Their house is near the church, you may park outside on the street if you're bringing a car with you. 

Bars are not just for the boys. Me and these girls will take on the challenge any day. 

Flex zone! Muscles that work!

Check out their Facebook page Calibarzz Worldwide
Follow them on Instagram @calibarzz

You may also reach them via mobile at 0917 510 0410. All classes are by appointment only. So make sure you book a slot before you head on over to their place. 

Happy workout!