Bungee Jumping at Huis Ten Bosch, Japan

If my lola had been alive to see this, I would've gotten myself into serious trouble. During my recent trip to Japan, I decided to jump off a crane! 

It was my first bungee ever! The closest thing to bungee jumping I've done before was in Bukidnon Philippines a few months back. At the Drop Zone, they strap you to a giant swing and you have to tug a line to release you 50 feet up in the air. But there's nothing quite like having to jump off a ledge.  If asked if I would do it again, the answer is one big resounding YES. 

Excuse the aerialist in me, but when you feel like you're falling to your death with a lot of people watching, you want it to be a spectacle ;) 

Huis Ten Bosch, is just a few train stations away from the laid back city of Sasebo. This Dutch theme park, is a stark contrast to the very traditional Dazaifu and other tourist attractions on this side of Japan. The park is split up into several "Cities" where you can check out museums, rides, restaurants and other activities. Some of the must see attractions are:

The Museum Molen along Flower Road -- A must see for flower enthusiasts, the tulips here are beautiful especially during the spring; 

Adventure Park -- This is where the bungee and obstacle courses are located, my personal favourite;

The Cheese Castle -- YES. It is a castle full of cheesy goodness. Enjoy traditional Japanese cheesecakes, cheese crackers, and a wide array of fresh cheeses. Across it is The Wine Castle, which is also just as awesome. 

and the Digital Horror House -- A virtual reality ride with a Japanese touch of humour and adorable weirdness.

There is also a very nice boat ride just a few meters near the entrance. It gives you a nice view of the place.

Some other things to know if you're planning a trip to Huis Ten Bosch -- An all access passport costs 6,500 JNY. This lets you in on all attractions throughout the day. You can also purchase a 2 day passport which costs 11,000 JNY, but personally I don't advise it. Just make sure to free up your whole day when planning your trip and you'll be sure to get in on all the good stuff.

Make sure to come in comfortable shoes and pack your own bottle of water. Enjoy!