150 Rep Workout You Can Do Anywhere

I've been on a busy schedule these past few months, and looking at it, it seems to be the case until the rest of the year. Not complaining tho. I've always believed that you are where you need to be at every moment of your life. So right now, I am in the position of embracing the changes that have come my way -- which if you're interested to know what I'm talking about, go on ahead and check my Instagram profile for day to day updates @kayleenortiz. I should be due for a life update post on what's been going on given all this jet-setting lately, but that will have to wait. For now I give you a quick workout video I've put together, to share with all of you what I do when I don't have access to my usual workout equipment (ie. pole, silks or bars) Like I've said before, you take your workout with you anywhere you go. You don't need equipment to stay true to your fitness goals. You just have to make sure that you always carve time out of your schedule to get that workout done. 

So! Here's a 50 rep full body workout you can practically do anywhere. No equipment needed. All you need is a place with space, and you're good. Final note. You'd know if it's a fitness video made by a body weight enthusiast if it's shot in a gym, but the gym equipment is nothing but a background in the video *snickers*. 

If you gave this workout a go, do let me know in the comments. Also! If you want to see more videos like this, head on over to my YouTube Channel and hit subscribe. I'm currently pushing myself past my comfort zone to create more content for you guys. So your likes and comments do help a lot in keeping me with my goals. 

Big thanks to adidas PH for my gear as always! Have a great workout, loves!